Amy Cohas

  • 2
  • January 15, 2015

As an illustrator, I have always worked with watercolor and gouache but have wondered for years how I could translate that hand-done quality into working digitally. This course provided the answer. In addition to lessons packed with practical how-to demonstrations, Sabina has provided a wealth of links to other online resources that further enrich the course. The live video meet-ups have added a wonderful, personal dimension to the lessons, and the support from my classmates on the Facebook page has been helpful and fun. I have come to regard Sabina’s technique for creating hand drawn Adobe Illustrator graphics as a kind of “secret sauce” which allows her students, in just a couple of weeks of focused effort, to produce really exciting work that they might never have thought they were capable of. Sabina is a terrific teacher and I highly recommend this class.

Artist: Amy Cohas