Assignment 1- Flutter Fun Lori Weitzel

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  • May 29, 2018

I took my butterfly drawing exercise from earlier in the week and expanded it for the trend assignment #1. I joined Jungle Blue + Primary Geo to form a blue jungle of butterfly’s and a toucan living happily with them in nature. I attempted to mix my painterly style with some Bauhaus geometric to form the butterfly shapes. Not sure who would buy this, but I enjoyed experimenting and making it!
Choosing my trends was not too hard because I tend toward the simple quiet trends. That alone narrowed down this list to one third for me. I love the trends based on color- cant wait to try the mint trend…
Some favorite current artists are Penelope Dullagan, Masako Kubo, and anneliesdraws. Historically, I like Andy Warhol illustrations, Matisse Cutouts and Mark Rothko. Interesting flat shapes with texture are a theme I am trying to master.
Key words for my work would be minimal, painterly, joyful and calm but with a creative twist.


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