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  • January 01, 2018

Hello and happy new year! Just started this class and I love it so much – what a great start to 2018! 🙂

I’ve just sent my first assignment to Sabina. I’ve also created a smaller, more focused moodboard in Illustrator, so I thought I would share it here.

My target audience is the same as the Ink Nest’s: primarily women around the age of 25-45 from the US, UK, Australia, Spain and Germany. They’re active on Pinterest and Etsy, and they like cute, stylish and feminine images.

The theme for my set is baking. It will include motifs used in baking: utensils, bowls, kitchen appliances and baking ingredients + some decorative elemnts like flowers and geos.

I’m specifically targeting food/baking bloggers (I’m thinking banners, website graphics, blog graphics, media kits, etc.), but the set should be versatile enough to also suit scrapbookers and designers.

For my main colours, I’m thinking of using warm colours based on Pantone’s trend colours for 2018: warm pink, dark red + orange.

I haven’t settled on a name yet, but I’m going with “Let’s bake cake” for now” 🙂

Link to my Pinterest board:



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