Astrid Rabus

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  • May 19, 2014

I stumbled upon Sabinas delicate hand drawn yet trendy drawings in the internet and was instantly thrilled. I wasn‘t aware at all about the beautiful clip art market. It‘s not very popular or known in Germany. To a german designer „clip arts“ are definitely some strange drawings from the Nineties used in Powerpoint.

What I was looking for is inspiration and I found a new world of it.

The decision to take the Self Paced Foundation Class was easy. Already upfront I was excited about the content that is offered in the course and could not wait to start.

I‘m an illustrator and designer working for several years in the illustration business. Still I was curious what I could improve. One of the best things I‘ve learned is how important the research phase is. It is the base and determines how the drawings will look. I was also excited to learn about color, probably the visual key to a beautiful set. I work for many years with Illustrator so I could easily follow this module. But Sabina taught a smooth process using this program. When you really work on creating many sets, a smart work flow becomes essential. I loved to follow the business side of the clip art market because I intended to open a shop from the beginning. I appreciated that Sabina is very generous with all information asked from her students.

What I want to say about Sabinat is that she not only offers beautiful work to her clients. She is a very friendly and open person. She encourages everyone strongly to find their very own style. She gets excited about students works when it‘s brilliant and always honours good work. But best is that she gives constructive criticism on any detail of your work. Let it be content, contrast, colour or style in general. She has the experience in the clip art market and she gives it right back to the students. For me it was important to read about what not works, it is the only way to get better.

I can not express enough how inspiring the Foundation Class is. For me it brought a complete new exciting field of design and at the same time an hopefully growing income channel. I have opened my Etsy Shop and my clip art sets are still selling!

I loved that Sabinas class is not a purely art class, but also business oriented. This gives a big value to the course. I envy everyone who starts it fresh, because it is a wonderful fulfilling experience. Dankeschön! I can only recommend you. ♥

Astrid Rabus
Foundation Class