Have you always dreamed of illustrating Children’s Picture Books? Join Denise and Sabina as we share our experiences and techniques and learn how to develop creative original images for picture books.

5 weeks course (start any time):

  • The fundamentals of creating a picture book.
  • How to use a book map to create your book dummy. (What is a book dummy anyways?!)
  • Sketching.
  • Researching/ References.
  • Character development.
  • Anatomy of a Picture Book.
  • Finalizing sketches.
  • Using emotions, relationships and moods.
  • Learn about Independent Publication.
  • How to submit your work to an agent or publisher.
  • Creating appealing book covers.


Foundation class or having the following skills:
Hand drawing: self taught beginner, intermediate and advanced students.
Processing graphics: intermediate to advanced. You need to be able to process your drawings either in Photoshop or Illustrator. Knowledge of Illustrator is NOT required!

Please note, this class does not teach how to create vector hand drawn graphics.



Drawing materials: sketchbook, pencils, tracing paper or light box. Any other materials you are used to create your graphics.
Hardware: camera or phone to take pictures of your work, scanner (optional), printer. You are NOT required to use drawing tablet!.
Software: Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.
Other: Good internet connection



  • By the end of this course you will have completed a full book dummy and 2 finalized color. portfolio pieces.
  • In 5 weeks, you will have 2 spreads to use in your portfolio and the knowledge to independently publish your book.
  • Independent publishing might not be the route you are interested in taking, but that’s okay. You’ll come away from this course with the knowledge on both sides of the spectrum. In order to independently publish right, you need to have a damn good book! We want to teach you just that.

Schedule and Format

The class is now open for registration as self-study and you can start anytime. The Paced class lectures are released every 7 days (weekly). The Self-Paced class lectures are available all at once. There is no schedule or deadline for the assignments (apart from the end of the class access).

The format is recorded video lectures, tutorials, exercise sheets, assignments with feedback by your tutor in the Gallery. You will be able to ask questions in the private forum.

Enroll In The Class


What are the differences between Paced and Self-Paced class?

The materials are the same for both options. In the Paced option, you have 70 days to complete the class and lectures are released every 7 days. It mimics the live classes and it students are not overwhelmed by all material at once. This is suitable for those who have time to dedicate to this intensive class. In the Self-Paced class you have 90 days to complete. All lectures are available at once. This is for those who are busy with work and family and need more time to complete the assignments.

Do I need Adobe Illustrator for this class?

No, you can work with any medium and technique you are used to. You can process with Photoshop or paint by hand only. We are not going to focus on vector processing and also the tutors will not answer questions about Adobe Illustrator. This would be out of the scope of the class. If you are interested in hand drawn vector graphics please consider the Foundation Class.

How many hours per week to allocate for this class?

About 10 hours per week. The class is packed with materials and resources so you can spend more time if you like. At the same time the assignments are very focused and on point so you can also learn in a shorter time period.

Do I need a Wacom tablet

No, unless you are used to drawing on one. We are not going to teach how to make digital drawings. Unless you are used to drawing on a tablet please do not buy one for this class!

Can we ask questions in the class? Do we get feedback?

Questions are encouraged! Feedback will be given on all of your assignments which you submit by the end of the class. The personalized feedback is one of the most valued features of our classes.


£ 199

  • start anytime
  • 70 days of access
  • Video lectures & downloads
  • Lectures released weekly (7 days apart)
  • Feedback by Denise

Registration closed


£ 213

= $300
  • start anytime
  • 90 days of access
  • Video lectures & downloads
  • All lectures available at once
  • Feedback by Denise and Sabina

Registration closed

Student Work

Flora Waycott

| Picture Books Student Gallery | No Comments

I am learning so so much and can’t wait to have some new work to add to my portfolio! I highly recommend this course if you are wanting to learn…

ang ee sock

| Picture Books Student Gallery | No Comments

The class was very well planned and executed. It was easy to follow the class and learn through doing the assignments. The bonus content was also amazing motivation to help…

Sarah Betz

| Gallery, Picture Books Student Gallery | No Comments

This class was so AMAZING!! It was filled with lots of valuable information, it has inspired me and pushed me to begin creating childrens books. Something I have never done…

Heather Rosas

| Gallery, Picture Books Student Gallery | No Comments

I really enjoyed the Illustrating Picture Books class with Denise and Sabina. The class has given me the confidence (after spending years at home, out of the workforce and taking…

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About the tutors

Denise Holmes

Denise Holmes

Children's Book Illustrator


I am a children’s book illustrator that loves to create cute + happy illustrations. My days are filled with drawing, taking pictures of my daughter Hazel and scouring thrift stores for vintage children’s books. I have a slight obsession with coffee, quilting and yoga. You can see more of my work at www.niseemade.com or read about my adventures at www.niseemade.com/blog
Sabina Radeva

Sabina Radeva

Graphic designer, web designer, illustrator


Sabina has extensive experience in developing engaging, result-oriented creative online classes. She is passionate about making beautiful graphics, teaching and interacting with her students. Her workshops and classes receive frequent praises and positive reviews. She is a graphic designer and web designer, art director and founder of The Ink Nest.