We are going on a journey! This lecture will focus on what makes an illustration remarkable, how to explore new ideas. The material will stimulate your imagination and challenge you. There will be an illustration assignment and tutorial (so the event is not only theory). Prepare to be surprised by your own creations.

Please note this is an intermediate to advanced class. Experience with Photoshop and drawing is prerequisite. Foundation Class students will feel comfortable with the material. If you are a beginner you can still join to listen. You will find greater benefit of these lectures if you first go through the Foundation Class. This is a very specific class which blends science with illustration. If you are not interested in the science part or if you expect this to be a technical Adobe software tutorial, then this class is probably not a good fit for you.


  • Recording of the lecture
  • Video tutorial following my process into creating one Illustration based on the lecture.
  • Mini workshop with assignment

Feedback by your tutor and peers in the Gallery.

After you signed up you will receive an email with instructions.


Completion of the Foundation Class or Intermediate to Advanced level of creating and processing illustrations. You can work in any media you feel comfortable with (knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is optional). We are not going to learn basics of creating graphics in Adobe Illustrator! Completion of the Color Workshop (also available on Skillshare) is advisable.

Please note, if you are not interested in science or if you expect these to be purely technical Adobe software tutorials, then these lectures are probably not a good fit for you.


  • Drawing materials
  • Good internet connection
  • Optional: Scanner & Printer


All live lectures will be recorded and available to watch even if you miss the webinar. The videos can only be streamed in the classroom website (not to download). However, lecture notes, resources and other downloads are available.