Lecture Lab is a series of innovative lectures and assignments that blend science with art, design and illustration.

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Completion of the Foundation Class or Intermediate to Advanced level of creating and processing illustrations. You can work in any media you feel comfortable with (knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is optional). We are not going to learn basics of creating graphics in Adobe Illustrator! Completion of the Color Workshop (also available on Skillshare) is advisable.

Please note, if you are not interested in science or if you expect these to be purely technical Adobe software tutorials, then these lectures are probably not a good fit for you.


  • Drawing materials
  • Good internet connection
  • Optional: Scanner & Printer


All live lectures will be recorded and available to watch even if you miss the webinar. The videos can only be streamed in the classroom website (not to download). However, lecture notes, resources and other downloads are available.

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Upcoming lectures/workshops will be posted here.

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Exploratory Creativity In Illustration
Recorded lecture and mini workshop. Assignment and downloads will be included and feedback in the Gallery. Read more here


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“Once again Sabina has presented us with much food for thought and a brilliant lecture on taking your research to the next level. Thanks Sabina.”Lucy Banaji, www.lucybanaji.com
“Oh My Gosh!! This lecture lab class has opened my eyes to an entirely NEW way to design. The lecture, video and assignment are absolutely fantastic!! Thank You Sabina for offering this amazing information and new “Ways to look at Design”!! Absolutely Invaluable.”Julie Hansen, http://www.studiojulieann.com/

About the tutor

Sabina Radeva

Sabina Radeva

Graphic designer, web designer, illustrator


Sabina is the founder of The Ink Nest, a popular website for graphics where she offers artistic stock graphics together with several amazing artists. She is also the founder of – design studio.