“If you are not conscious of trends, you should not be in the design business.” – Milton Glaser

4 weeks workshop:

  • Learn about current and emerging trends in Graphic Design, Illustration and Surface Design.
  • Gain a competitive edge in your field and advance your Illustrator and graphic design skills.
  • Learn how to develop interesting concepts and create original, diverse graphics.
  • Explore trends as an additional source of inspiration and ideas, while maintaining your creative voice.
  • Develop your style
  • Create cohesive, strong collections


What Is New

Updated Workbook containing the most relevant 2016/17 trends. Added information about interior design and decor trends. Updated lecture, modules and assignments. New module on making a lookbook out of your collections and creating attractive mockups.

Learning Materials

Lecture, video tutorials, case studies, downloads and resources.

Bonus Content

Complete all 4 assignments and unlock bonus content!

I have some great bonus content for those who complete all 4 assignments.



One assignment each week. I will work allong and share my techniques. Get tutor and peer feedback in our private group.


  • Surface designers: you will create 4 collections for your portfolio, based on upcoming trends.
  • Clip Art designers: you will learn new techniques (perfect follow up of the Foundation class), how to create complex graphic elements, patterns. By the end of the class you will have 4 sets of graphics.
  • Illustrators: Incorporate trends as an idea tool into your workflow. Create interesting and relevant images.
  • Transform trends through your personal view. Stop following trends (and other artists) and start leading with your own unique interpretation of design currents.


The class is now available as self study (each module is released weekly). Live Sessions will take place on Fridays 4pm GMT.

You can submit assignments until the end of the class access (90 days). This is an intensive workshop and requires about 8-15 hrs of work per week!


  • Recommended to Foundation Class graduates. You will be able to easily follow all the material and tutorials.
  • intermediate to advance level of Adobe Illustrator. If you have no prior experience with Illustrator or you are a beginner, I recommend that you take the Foundation Class first.

Basics of hand drawn graphics are not covered in this class. You can use a tablet or any other technique in Illustrator that you are comfortable with.

Is this workshop relevant for next year trends too?

Most significant trends for 2016/early 2017 are covered in this class. You can take the class until January 2017 and still have relevant information about trends.

Can I take this workshop before or during the Foundation class?

It is recommended that you take the Foundation class first if you are a beginner with Adobe Illustrator. If you are well experienced with this software you can take the workshop directly.

What is not covered in this class?

In this class we will not cover: the basics of drawing, color theory or design; the basics of hand drawn vector graphics (covered in the Foundation Class).

New Studentsnew to TW

£ 175

  • start any time
  • 4 weeks intensive workshop
  • live Q&A sessions (optional)
  • chat weekly with your tutor
  • detailed feedback on all your assignments per email
  • 90 days access

TW GraduatesNo tutor feedback

£ 84

  • start any time
  • 4 weeks intensive workshop
  • live Q&A sessions (optional)
  • chat weekly with your tutor
  • feedback by peers in the Gallery
  • 90 days access

TW Graduates+ tutor feedback

£ 125

  • start any time
  • 4 weeks intensive workshop
  • live Q&A sessions (optional)
  • chat weekly with your tutor
  • detailed tutor feedback on your assignments
  • 90 days access


Student Reviews

To me, the Trend Workshop was not a workshop, it was a journey! Before I took the workshop, I had a very basic understanding of trends and how they affect the market. I am a professional freelance designer and illustrator and had sold clip art sets for a couple of years before I took this course. This course changed the way I looked at everything: art, design and fashion. – Rhian Awni
This class was absolutely amazing! In just four weeks I feel that I further developed my personal illustration style and that my technical skills in Illustrator improved three fold. I also have a better grasp on how to approach trends and use them as a point of departure in my work. This course was extremely informative, motivational, and inspiring, and a great follow up to the Foundations course. Thank you so much Sabina!!! 🙂 I am already looking forward to your new classes in the fall.– Laura Rossi
I was on Sabina’s Foundation class and when I saw the post about Trends class, I instantly knew I had to be a part of it. Well, my budget wasn’t so happy about my decision, but I knew I’ll regret it if I won’t be able to attend – so I signed in the last days prior to class. After the first lesson I was so thrilled and happy that I made the right decision. Trends are all around us, but we don’t pay so much attention until someone points them out for us. Or we do, but don’t spot all the connections. Sabina will do that and more. This class will take your work on another level and you’ll look at your art work from other perspective.” – Sandra Pr.

Student Work 2016

Trend Inspired Collections

trends class 16