The winter holiday market holds incredible opportunities for designers and illustrators to license and sell graphics for greeting cards, wrapping paper, decor, gifts and fabric. There are few to none other design classes which focus specifically on the holidays! Join us and create your winter 2018 collections!

2 Week Mini Winter Trend Class:

  • Learn about the most relevant trends for Winter 2018/19.
  • Gain a competitive edge in your field knowing Trends ahead of the crowd.
  • Learn more about the licensing for the holiday market.
  • Create two new collections that will be license ready.
  • Drawing sheets to help generate ideas.
  • Bonus drawing prompts to encourage you to explore new ideas.
  • Interviews with industry professionals that share how to make successful winter holiday designs


New for 2017 workshop: interview with Lizzy Dee, 2 new tutorials, drawing worksheets and a brand new drawing challenge!

During week one, you will become acquainted with the most significant trends for Winter 2018/19. The Trend Workbook covers surface design, fashion, illustration, decor, lettering and kids trends that have not been covered in our previous workshops this year! An introductory lecture will inform about winter styles and themes. You will spend the week creating graphics for a holiday collection.
Resources: Creative drawing worksheets to help you get started. Tutorial by Denise how to research, sketch, create and finalize a Christmas/Holiday Character. Digital painting tutorial by Sabina. Recommended reading. Unlock bonus content when you finish your assignment!
Live Session Dec 4, Check Your Time Zone: 6pm London (12pm CST) Group critique. Recording will be available afterwards.
Week 2 will focus on creating another collection of graphics and patterns incorporating Winter Trends.
Resources:Worksheets with various greeting card layouts. Tutorial by Denise How to research, sketch, create and finalize a Holiday Phrase. Tutorial by Sabina how to design a greeting card.
Live Session Dec 11, Check your Time Zone: 6pm London (12pm CST) Group critique. Recording will be available afterwards.

Having holiday characters in your illustration and licensing portfolio is essential. Agents and clients will be looking for such images on your website. This drawing challenge provides daily prompts (specifically selected for the licensing industry) to help you create new work and grow your portfolio. Follow us on Instagram and draw along!

Lizzy is a designer, illustrator, and author from New Jersey. In this interview Lizzy shares about her creative process and offers tips about licensing. She is represented by Advocate Art and has an impressive list of clients that includes Target, Papyrus, Simon & Schuster, V&A Museum, Sanrio, American Greetings, UK Greetings, Brit & Co, KLUTZ, Ohh Deer, Parragon Books, Petit Collage, Rainstorm, Hinkler, Michael O’Mara Books, WHSmith,Crocodile Creek. Check her website!

Rachel is the designer behind the very successful Minted shop Alethea and Ruth. She is obsessive doodler and illustrator, and she loves bold patterns, great type, and lots of color. Rachel will share with us about her inspirations, how she creates beautiful winter designs and what makes a successful holiday card. Check her Minted shop and website.

Lauren is a successful and talented illustrator represented by Jennifer Nelson. Some of her clients include include Hallmark, Klutz, Scholastic Press, Galison/ Mudpuppy Press, Carus Publishing, Williams-Sonoma, Girls’ Life Magazine, Department 56, DEMDACO, Design House Greeting, and Utne Reader. Lauren will share with us about licensing for the holiday market. Check her amazing work.


Karly Depew is the creative talent behind Oscar & Emma. She has a true obsession for luxurious papers, anything with stripes and modern organic home decor. The shop was one of the first to open on Minted in 2008 and Karly has a wealth of experience to share how to designs great holiday greeting cards. Oscar and Emma on Minted.


Phrosné Ras is based in South Africa, Cape Town. She has more than 250 winning designs on Minted and won second place in the big holiday competition last year. Her amazing talent shines in the intricate details of her creations. Phrosné loves making beautiful things and her interview will inspire you to try your hand at design. Check her Minted shop!
Foundation class, Trends Workshop graduates, or having the following skills:
Hand drawing: self taught beginner, intermediate and advanced students.
Processing graphics: intermediate to advanced. You need to be able to process your drawings. Knowledge of Illustrator is NOT required! You have to know how to create patterns.

Please note, this class does not teach how to create patterns or vector graphics.

Drawing materials: sketchbook, pencils. Any other materials you are used to create your graphics.
Hardware: camera or phone to take pictures of your work, scanner (optional), printer. You are NOT required to use drawing tablet!. Webcam and mic are optional in the live sessions.
Software: Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator are recomended, however, if you only use analogous tools only you can still take the workshop.
Other: Good internet connection

Class starts November 27!


Is this workshop relevant for 2018?

This class specifically focuses on trends for winter 2018/19.

Do I need Adobe Illustrator for this class?

No, you can work with any medium and technique you are used to. You can process with Photoshop or paint by hand only. We are not going to focus on vector processing and also the tutors will not answer questions about Adobe Illustrator. This would be out of the scope of the class. If you are interested in hand drawn vector graphics please consider the Foundation Class.

How many hours per week to allocate for this class?

About 10 hours per week. The class is packed with materials and resources so you can spend more time if you like. At the same time the assignments are very focused and on point so you can also learn in a shorter time period.

Do I need a Wacom tablet

No, unless you are used to drawing on one. We are not going to teach how to make digital drawings. Unless you are used to drawing on a tablet please do not buy one for this class!

Can we ask questions in the class? Do we get feedback?

Questions are encouraged! Feedback will be provided on all assignments submitted until the first 3 weeks of the workshop. Late assignments may not receive feedback from the tutors but still can be reviewed by peers.

I can not attend the live sessions. Can I still join?

Yes! you will not be hindered in any way if you are not able to attend the live sessions. You can submit questions in the website forum or chat with the tutor. All learning material – lectures, tutorials, downloads will be available on the website. To complete the class you only need access to the website.

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  • 90 days of access
  • Video lectures & downloads
  • Feedback by tutors*
  • 2 live sessions (optional)

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* All tutor feedback will be given on assignments submitted in the first 3 weeks of the workshop.

Featured Student Work

Shannon Hays

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Trends Class and loved having the opportunity to have my work reviewed by tutors and my peers in the live sessions. It was so valuable and a great exercise to critique each others’ work as well. Using creative techniques was great fun and I will continue to try to incorporate these methods in my work. I would gladly take more and more courses from you!”


About the tutors

Denise Holmes

Denise Holmes

Children's Book Illustrator


Denise is an illustrator and designer from Chicago, IL. She has been illustrating professionally for the past 10 years and working exclusively in publishing since 2012. Denise is represented by Nicole Tugeau of Tugeau 2 Illustrators. Clients include Simply Read Books, Roost Books, Albert Whitman & Co., and Owlkids Books. You can see more of my work at or read about my adventures at
Sabina Radeva

Sabina Radeva

Graphic designer, web designer, illustrator


Sabina is a graphic designer, art director and illustrator based in UK. Sabina is the founder of Design Garden – a company specialising in branding and web design since 2009. She is also the founder of The Ink Nest – a popular website for stock illustrations. Recently she started illustrating picture books with Penguin Random House. Sabina has extensive experience in developing engaging, result-oriented online classes and has been teaching since 2011. Find more here: