Heather Rosas

  • 7
  • January 08, 2016

I really enjoyed the Illustrating Picture Books class with Denise and Sabina. The class has given me the confidence (after spending years at home, out of the workforce and taking care of my small children) to restart my career again and submit to publishers. The class gives you a very well organized plan for accomplishing this goal. If you follow the steps and complete all the exercises (there are fun mini-exercises added too!), work very hard, and listen to the feedback you will come out of this class with strong portfolio pieces and possibly even a book ready to submit to a publisher or self-publish yourself! The teachers are very knowledgable, kind and supportive, but they will give you honest feedback that you can learn from. The community of students is very supportive and helpful as well. I was sad when the class was over!

Picture Books Class
Artist: Heather Rosas
Website: http://www.heatherrosas.com