Kids Trends Workshop 2016 Review By Neelam Kaur

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  • April 02, 2017

As a self taught artist and somebody who could not afford some of the really expensive licensing and pattern design classes, for long I kept browsing the internet to help me with an appropriate content, and though I was part of the Textile Design Lab (Pattern Observer), however my focused market being kids it was important to get the right direction and that’s when I came across Design Garden Classes.

Design Garden Classes had been a great resource for me, from content to the delivery, I found it really engaging and beneficial in my journey of being a designer. It was last year in 2016 that I first enrolled in the Kids Trends Workshop and since then I had created numerous pieces, I improved a lot overall and sold couple of prints created post workshop. However what is most interesting for me to share with you is that now I have an Agent to represent my work (hopefully I would be making a debut at Surtex 2017).

Kids Trends Workshop 2016 had not just made me understand trends however made my work commercially viable and I always recommend Design Garden Classes to fellow artists. I hope that this year too the workshop delivers amazing content and I would surely love to participate in the workshop as well.

Some of my achievements post the Kids Trends Workshop 2016 are:
1. I am shortlisted as Designer for Texitura 57 (2017) and my work is now part of Texitura Box 57
Texitura surely gives a greater picture how much I have improved.

​2. Besides, my work is also featured as Contributing Designer on Emily Kiddy AW 2018|19 KidsWear Trend Publication​
Link: Emily Kiddy AW 2018|19 KidsWear Trend Publication​

Finally, here is the link to my website: Neelam Kaur

Lots happened since last Kids Trend Workshop (2016). And am so excited to start my new journey this year. Thank you your support Sabina.

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