Let it Snow

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  • December 16, 2016

A small collection of snow and snowmen based, moonlight trend inspired designs.
I can’t quite put two trends together (yet) as last week was the first time I have even tried to think about trends in my designs, and it’s much harder than I thought/like!
i will keep going though. With three of my children in panto from tonight there hasn’t been much time for me this week! I almost forgot to add some hand lettering, but got it in there. A long way to go yet….

Sorry I don’t have any other images to share this week (no time!)


Author: Jacqui Mulvagh


  • Jacqui Mulvagh says:

    I’m so rushed I even forgot to put the correct title in!

  • The snowmen are very cute, Jacqui, but they are hard to see… I think they might read better with dark lines over light background.

  • sabina says:

    The lettering looks cool and I can see the moonlight trend in the colors.

    The question is who is the client you have in mind and on what products this collection can be used. Who is the audience (children, grownups)? I think the colors are a tad too muted for a kids collection. And for grownups it can be juvenile to wear stars. So if the audience is children (young or older children?) the colors have to be tweaked.

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