Lori Weitzel : Week 2 : Silence + Aquatic Life

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  • June 06, 2018

I tried to create a soothing quiet underwater feeling. The mermaid might be playing a soft classical sound. It was difficult working with such light colors. Finding the right amount of contrast but also trying to stay close to white and creme colors was tricky. I am used to working with bright happy colors like teal and orange so this was new for me.
I wonder if greeting cards would be a good fit for this art, or do we need lots of color in the stationery market to be noticed in the card stands?
Your suggestions were spot on in the Facebook page, I appreciate any constructive ideas on improving these patterns…


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  • JAN GERARDI says:

    Beautiful, Lori! The palette and linework is so pretty! I could totally see this as fabric for home decor.

  • smalldots says:

    This is so successful! The palette completely transforms the subject. It’s beautiful and feels really unique.

  • Katarzyna Kucwaj says:

    wow, it’s amazing, i like this colors!

  • Deanne Pace says:

    I think you did a fabulous job with this palette! I have difficulty with the pale/pastels as well – I tend to go bold and bright! I love the mermaid playing the violin – soothing classical music sounds dreamy!

  • reika says:

    Very lovely! I love the textures, the beautiful grey colors. I think my favorite is the fish pattern in the center right. At first I thought maybe you could use more contrast, but the more I look at it, the more I think it is perfect as is.

  • Desiree says:

    Beautiful! My favorite one is the fish pattern, but your mermaid is very lovely and I love all those suberp textures.

  • niseemade says:

    Hi Lori,
    Lovely! This is a great pattern collection. You did an amazing job combining Silence with Aquatic life – which is no easy feat! The colors work really well here and I would have said this is crazy if you told me what you were doing :).
    The main pattern is really great. You have done a good job of creating a story here — I’m intrigued as to how quiet this piece is yet the mermaid is playing a violin. The coordinating patterns work nicely together. I would love to see something in that coral/maroon color, but that is just me.
    I don’t think it needs more contrast, you have managed to make it work here.
    I think you did a great job. The only thing for me is maybe the stripes just doesn’t go with this. You don’t even really need the stripped pattern. Everything else seems so flow-y and organic and the stripes are just a little too harsh compared to the rest. It could work as a whole, but honestly, I think it would be better maybe with thinner dainty lines. Someone that has a little wiggle to it, to maybe reflect waves or the coral.
    Really great job with this collection Lori!

    Just a quick thought, but what if you took out those musical notes? I honestly don’t think they are necessary. I like the whole play on silence with the colors and the ocean being quiet. What do you think?

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