Lori Weitzel : Week 3 WIP : Sketchy Floral + Greener + Mint

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  • June 15, 2018

I would appreciate suggestions on what elements to use from this art to make a coordinating card. Should I use the same lettering?


Author: lori weitzel


  • Deanne Pace says:

    I love everything about this design the motifs, the colors and especially the goats – I’m a Capricorn! I think it works perfectly on the wine bottle (I love going to the grocery store and looking at the artwork on wine bottles!) As for a card, I think it might be a little busy as I think the text gets a bit lost in the motifs. I would definitely keep the two main goats and heart and I really love the pink bow motif at the top. I also love the leaf and berry motif at the top right and left – what if you used that motif in pink and green to form a wreath around the text and the two goats and heart? And I like the flower at the bottom middle. Just an idea… I really love the entire design and think it would make such a great hero pattern though with tons of possible coordinates!

  • Would love to buy wine with this design on, beautiful work:)

  • sabina says:

    Hi Lori,

    This is such a fresh design. I did not get the goats initially but then I read Deanne’s comment and I understand the Capricorn idea. This could actually become a set of zodiac cards if you make one for each sign. You can maybe just replace the goats with the next sign, e.g twins or lion etc. Then you dont have to design a new card from scratch.
    I am not sure about the wine bottle but if you use the same style, same colors and make a slightly different design for the wine, it will work.

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