Lori Weitzel : Week 4 WIP : American Scenery + Green

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  • June 21, 2018

I realize that the American Scenery is for fashion, but I just wanted to work on local art this week- a taste of Americana, a national park I used green as a color and a feeling of the park. I think this might work for a boys room, any other suggestions? Perhaps stationery? Children’s book?
In case you can not read the story I am posting it here…

Inspired by her summers spent on the Cumberland
Plateau, Lori is fascinated by all things Tennessee.
This is first in her series of collections based
on the Volunteer State.

This collection follows a Blue Bear named Garth.
He stands out because of his bright color .
As a result all the park tourists
try to find him on scavenger hunts so they can
take selfies with him and post to Instagram


Author: lori weitzel


  • The story line is wonderful! and so modern. I laughed out loud and could really see myself hunting for a blue bear!
    I just love everything about this collection. Like I’d buy it just because. If I had a boy he would defintely be getting this as his bedroom set. You could make curtains and doona covers and cushions of the raccoon and Garth. Plus you could make fireplace cushions too! So much fun xo

    • I know at State Parks they often set up scavenger hunts for kids to find things in nature- so I thought it was a cute idea to search for a blue bear too. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the collection Sandra!

  • Ulla Soeder says:

    Hi Lori, I really love this collection! I like the motifs and the story and your presentation sheets are great. My son would love the pattern in his bedroom, and on drinking bottles, plates, backpack, sneakers, and so on…

  • Ulla, I had not thought about drinking bottles and backpacks etc. Thanks for those ideas.

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