Lynda Metcalf

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  • May 01, 2017

This was the first live course I’ve taken from Design Garden. I really enjoyed the tight focus of the class. I enjoy drawing animals and characters so my art is suited for the children’s market. Other courses I’ve taken (although valuable) have a much broader market approach and my work often didn’t fit in with my other classmates. The trend boards are an amazing value alone; having the supporting videos and tutorials were icing on the cake. I know a lot (I’ve taken tons of courses) but there were still things I learned. I think it’s a nice balance for beginners and professionals. My favorite part was the review portion. Being able to give and receive feedback is so valuable. The small class size made it possible for everyone to be heard. I also liked the bonuses needing to be unlocked. It encourages you to do the work. I think I’d like one more week added on for a final review. I had family stuff suddenly happen and couldn’t complete each week. A catch up week with an extra review would be a nice addition. I hope this course will be offered every year. I’d definitely sign up again.

Artist: Lynda Metcalf

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