MONSHULS – a new line of pet accessories by MaJoBV

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  • April 01, 2017

Our Kids Trends 2016 student Maria José Bautista has been busy working on a new line of pet accessories MONSHULS. She used some of the patterns created in the workshop and adapted them for pet collars and bandanas. She found that the cute style of the graphics fits perfectly the taste of her customers.


Maria listed some of the trends and inspiration that she used for her collections:

Concept: A Panda in Nice
Trends: a mini collection inspired by the Holiday Tide and Panda Faces trends – these two trends suited perfectly Bruna, one of our MONSHULS (my uncle’s chocolate lab.) She does have kind of a bear face, plus she LOVES swimming.
Inspiration: French Riviera, Pandas and other bears, dogs, cats, mermaids, sea life, harbours, boats, Summer vibe, beach essentials, umbrellas, towels, etc
Concept: Fairytale Land
Trend: Girl Warrior + Handcraft – I chose these two trends to create a collection for my MONSHULS Kala. She was a beautiful and very sophisticated and elegant Weimaraner, and that’s why I imagined her being a princess in a Fairytale story.
Inspiration: Neuschwanstein Castle’s interiors + Scandinavian florals
Concept: Farm Pets
Trend: Spring Farm – This is Popper Emilio’s collection. Popper Emilio is my chocolate lab that lives on our farm. He’s the alpha dog of the pack, and loves chasing around frogs and toads.
Inspiration: farm live, farm animals, veggies, Spring season

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