Natalie Couto aka Patterntalk Week 2: JUNGLE JOY Collection

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  • June 18, 2018

I really enjoyed working on the assignment for Week 2! I love to create patterns with lots of detail, texture and color and can’t seem to tone down this explosion of vibrant chaos! I think the coordinating patterns are also quite busy and colorful – which is all part of the JOY – yes?


Author: Patterntalk


  • Love your hero patterns, it is very beautiful, and the colors are amazing:)

  • Claire Mounier says:

    This is a beautiful collection Natalie, I especially love your main pattern!

  • Ulla Soeder says:

    Wow, I love this collection, especially the main pattern. I can see it fitting beautifully on a lot of products also…

  • Lucy Conway says:

    Fantastic hero print! Don’t tone down the colours – that’s what makes it work. If I’m honest the only bit that doesn’t work for me is the background colour on the top right pattern – I think I’m missing the brights and the orange and pink flowers seem to disappear a bit. All in all truly great!

    • Thank you so much Lucy! I see what you mean about the top right background – I will try it with another that makes the flowers pop more!
      Thanks again for taking the time to share some feedback 🙂

  • sabina says:

    Hi Natalie,

    I think you show great imagination in this collection with the fantasy flora. I think the color palette does not reflect the joy trend however. The joy trend is about mixing very vibrant orange red with yellow and green and having light fun feel. The dark backgrounds here are more suitable for the fantasy flora trend. If you prefer to reflect the joy, I would advise trying some white or light backgrounds and incorporating the yellow that is really big trend for next year. In any case I do like your current palette and the fact that you don’t shy from incorporating vibrant bold colors. This is very good in pattern design and your images will attract attention.

    Some tip on refining the pattern would be to try keeping your elements consistent. Some have outlines and some don’t. I would rather keep them all without outlines and adjust colors so that you dont need these outlines.

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