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  • June 10, 2018

I’m very late to join but excited to finally share some work. I was inspired to mix the trends Greenery & AW Historic Interiors. I was hoping to create a luxurious and modern chinoiserie pattern for wallpaper or cushions. I think my coordinates may be a bit too busy but I can’t seem to simplify them enough without feeling they are too plain. I tried to work with some metallics to give a richness to the design, which was new for me and the color palette is definitely autumn/winter with a bit of ‘zing’. I’m going to try a wallpaper mock up soon – I find it helps me with the overall scale of my designs if I see them mocked up.


Author: Natalie Couto


  • This is lovely Natalie! Beautiful motifs! 🙂 I don’t think your coordinates are too busy, but if you do want to try something, maybe you could experiment with the spacing in the last coordinate to give it more breathing room? There’s also a section in the main pattern that almost dissappears into the background; the brown “things” (sorry, no idea what they’re called lol) coming out from one of the large pink flowers – those three brownish lines could use a bit more contrast to be more visible (really light or really dark). Hope that helps!

  • sabina says:

    Hi Natalie,

    This is a pretty collection! As I mentioned on Instagram, your patterns are giving me the Liberty fabrics feel. Definetely right on color and elements. They feature such rich in detail collections. I like all the patterns here. My only comment is again on using outlines on dark background. Try removing the outlines and adjust colors accordingly to achieve contrast without these light outlines. You will notice that the design will achieve more seamless look and some of the busy feel will subside as the graphics will clean up.

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