Neelam Kaur

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  • May 01, 2016

Working as a Freelancer is not easy, you need to keep a check on the upcoming trends for better client presentations and communication. Kids Trend Workshop is a complete package where you get understanding not just of Trends also the Commercial World – Understanding, if the collection is marketable, besides learning from the Established Industry Designers, is a great resource that helps in understanding the Clients requirement. Content is well crafted and directions and feedback from fellow students helps you further enhance your work and design style.

I personally, loved the Group QnA Session, where you can interact with the Tutors and Colleagues and it is a great way to learn and understand from each other. I am geared up for rebuilding my portfolio based on Trends and the learning acquired from the Class and QnA Session. Sabina and Denise are great tutors and am glad I joined the Workshop. It was indeed a great learning.

Artist: Neelam Kaur

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