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  • June 04, 2018

Prairie Bloom Transcend

Here is my final for assignment 1.
My chosen trends were Transparent Overlays and White Fields. I have created a clip art set with coordinating patterns for my target market – Stationary.
I had in mind the image of a youthful girl spending a late summery afternoon on the prairie chasing butterflies, collecting flowers and creating crystal grids for good luck. I painted, traditionally with watercolour, bugs and butterflies and flowers and things that you might find while out on the prairie. I then digitized these images in Ps.

For the floral pattern I wanted it to look like she had tossed flowers in the air and that is how they landed. The other patterns sway away from floral but will hopefully be good co-coordinating designs.

My influences were bold, expressive, dreamy imagery and portraiture. I feel like this is conversational but I’m not sure.
These were created in Ps due to my time restraints. I will recreate in Ai as pattern repeats when time permits.

I hope to have this final set reviewed in the live critique session. On to week 3 and working on week 2 in the background. Phew!!


Author: Sandra Relf


  • niseemade says:

    Hi Sandra,
    This is a really cool mix of Transparent Overlays and White Fields and with your techniques a clip art set like this would sell really well on CreativeMarket. I like the mix of icons that you have, everything works really nice together.
    The pattern is well done and does look like a good tossed print. I might consider shrinking the triangles a tiny bit so they don’t distract from the flowers.
    I would love to see another pattern created with something other than a white background. Maybe that beautiful light green in the girls hair.
    There is a lot to play around with here and a lot you could potentially create from the set. You did a wonderful job mixing the trends, working with colors and creating a pattern.

  • Hi Denise 😄 thank you 💗 that is a great idea to make those triangles smaller and to make a pattern with a colour background. I’ll work on those. I have a store on the CreativeMarket and am working towards creating clip art to add there. I’m so glad that you picked up on that idea. It’s good to get some feedback regarding if the designs may be sellable on CM or Etsy. Stationary is my target market right now.

    I ran out of time to go deeper with the patterns but now have a better idea about having more efficient time management.

    Seeing the first/top design of this post on my mobile phone – the colours look really bad (they looked fine on my computer). Not sure why this occurred but I will do some research.

  • Lucinda says:

    I love your collection Sandra, really dreamy and fits the chosen trends so well xx

  • Lisa Norris says:

    Oooooo! So gorgeous!

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