Sandra Assignment 2 Progress – Moon Folk

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  • June 08, 2018

My chosen trends for this assignment are Moonshine // Eccentric Folk and my category is Tribal. I hand sketched my icons then bought them into PS for digital painting with a dry brush. I will add a few extra green plants for variety. I love painting portraits atm and want to include them in my pattern making.

My target market is stationary and I think this set will look good as a sticker collection. I’ll include a couple of complimentary patterns – as a notebook cover or dividers for a folder when I paint the extra plants. I’d like to make some darker background patterns to bring out more of the moonshine feel to the collection. And I think eventually I will change the name to Moon Spell but will see where it goes and if it suits at the end.
I didn’t go ahead with some of my original sketches (included in an earlier post) as I felt they were going in a surreal direction that didn’t feel right for this set. They had some eyes in them and Sabina mentioned in the Live Critique that eyes are peaking now so I decided against them. I hope I’ve captured a feminine feel which might appeal to the emotional teenager.
I’m leaving this for now and moving on to week 3. I’m super excited to begin a greeting card collection πŸ™‚ xo


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