Sandra – Assignment 3 Greeting Card – Freindship

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  • June 25, 2018

Trends: Silence// Sensorial // Common Grounds
Category: Friendship

My chosen card company is Rifle Paper Co. They have really cute cards with a hand drawn feel in their existing collection and I feel my design would be a nice fit with the aesthetic of the existing artwork. When I saw their flagship store I was yaaas! I need to shop for cards in that place. And I would be proud to see my designs sitting amongst the sunlight and timber shelves and other pretty things. I just love how they convey their brand.

I’m not overly sure if I met my target trends with this design. The planet mars and the henna on the hands would be raised for a sensorial feel. I also tried to make sensorial//common ground come through with the marbled pattern on one hand and the planet mars.

I hope Silence is conveyed by the white space. ha get it. White Space, I know… bad pun ; D
I also wasn’t sure about adding stars around the planet mars but did want it to look like space. It looks very minimal without the stars which lended to the silence feel but I decided to keep them. And I hope that silence is also conveyed abstractly via the text – you don’t have to see each other to know what your friend is thinking.
The text was challenging. I wanted to create a flowy text, similar to the one on my mood board, that was lovingly written by your bestie.

Flying to Mars is a huge topic right now and I feel like it will continue for some time so I hope that this fits into the climate of this era.



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