Sandra Assignment 3 Sketches // Girl Code

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  • June 12, 2018

I’m loving this week’s assignment. Here’s my first sketches plus working on a sensorial pattern idea for my greeting card set.
My chosen category is Friendship – Feminine – Girl Code. I wanted to capture the faithful love you feel for your Bestie. Also when you both get matching tattoos. You could be universes apart but still know what they are feeling.
I’m combining Sensorial Decor // Silence // Common Grounds trends and am thoroughly immersed in figuring out how to interpret the sensorial feel into my work. I might add sketchy florals but will see how it goes as ideas always change. Is that too many trends all at once? And it might get too busy and rule out the silence feel I hope to add? I really love anything that has a natural sketched feel to it.

I made a repeatable marble-ized pattern this morning in Ps. Yay!
… it needs more texture but I hope its beginning to capture a sensorial and common ground feel.


Author: Sandra Relf


  • Melissa says:

    This is gorgeous! I like the idea of the rotated elements. Could you have the two hands interact with each other? Maybe a subtle reaching out of a couple fingers towards each other? At the moment they risk looking cadaver-ish. Or maybe they’re holding objects? That shows they aren’t dead ha ha! I only mention it because I did a whole project years ago with isolated hands and arms so there’s a line there between life an death, a tricky one. You can imagine the rest of the body as the artist, but the viewer might not come to your picture with the same context. Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

    • Oooh good point! about being cadiaverish. What if the arms are coming in on angles and there’s a border so they don’ t look floating? I totally understand about veiwer perception.
      I like the idea about holding objects. That could help bring in the floral/insect look. I need to keep it minimal though with interpteting Silence. Ive just looked at the extra bonuses and I think Along the Lines will work better so maybe I will drop Silence as I progress. Thank you for your input!

  • This idea is awesome and your drawings are beautiful too! Can’t wait to see the outcome!

    • Thank you Lilla. A few of my ideas have changed as I’ve seen some of the extra bonuses. I also really like Along The Lines which I think will work in with my sketch idea. I’ve been practising hands (a goal for this year) and it’s lovely to get some feedback on my sketches 😄

  • RhianAwni says:

    Love the sketches and I can not wait to see how they look when executed!

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