Sandra Relf Assignment 2 Moodboard – Moonfolk

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  • May 29, 2018

Trends – Mysterious Grounds, Moonshine and a touch of Eccentric Folk
Category – Tribal.
I absolutely love the elements that I’ve chosen. And really enjoy doing the brainstorming to find what will work. It seems like nothing will happen at first but the ideas grow and suddenly it all becomes this exciting idea that I want to work on immediately.
I’m very influenced by tribal style. I love the ethnic ways that the body is covered in regard to ritual ceremonies. My vision for this set is naively painted mystic people and animals attending a ritual dance under the moon in a deep secret meeting place. I feel like there may be some anatomy art included as well. I love hand made tools such as paint brushes made using found items and hope to incorporate some icons relating to that idea.
One artist that I have followed for a long time is Kelly Moore, an American Artist who creates spiritual outsider art.
3 Surface Design Artists that I have looked at for ideas are Michelle Morin for her vivid use of watercolour in a confident way, Nathalie Lete for her rich and colourful illustrations and Alexandra Dvornikova for her dark and mysterious illustration of people and animals in deep forest environments.
I haven’t chosen my colours but I feel like there will be shades of purple in it xo


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