Sandra Relf Assignment 2 Sketches – Moon Folk

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  • June 01, 2018

Sketches for week 2.
As mentioned in my moodboard post the other day I’m combining Moonshine and Mysterious Ground with a touch of Eccentric Folk. My category is Tribal and I have chosen a colour palette from the trend colours provided.

These sketches are based on ideas outlined in the moodboard post – anatomy, handmade tools, strange creatures and tribal characters. I will try digital painting as I don’t have any gouache or acrylic paints on hand to create the vision I have for this set so will use digital brushes.

My past experience with digital painting is that I get bogged down/frustrated in the process and take too long. I think it’s because there’s the undo button. When painting traditionally I move forward quickly with the painting and I find that a better process. Seeing Sabina’s digital painting using Procreate in the tutorials was inspiring and prompted me to try again. It will be interesting to see how these sketches evolve with the addition of colour xo


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