Sandra Relf Assignment 3 Moodboard – Girl Code

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  • June 09, 2018

I’m mixing Silence// Sensorial Decor// Common Grounds together and my category is Friendship – feminine. My pattern set is called Girl Code. I love Ammiki – an Australian designer who creates soft pastel abstract prints. I’m also very influenced by abstract art. I like Rothko and Franz Kline for their commanding abstract paintings that hold you in awe.
I would like to illustrate the silent bond between best friends. How you can look at your friend and you know just what they are thinking. Shared private jokes, deep conversations about life and everything in between, the off limits where boys are concerned. The solidarity and knowledge that you’ve got each others backs and you know she will stick up for you come hell or high water. All the things that make a gal your bestie.
I hope to create some abstract images using positive and negative space and lush painterly font. My palette is from the trend colours provided. They are quietly subdued and I feel like they suit my chosen trends. xo


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