Sandra Relf Assignment 4 LookBook – Moon Folk

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  • June 21, 2018

My Look Book was created in the Blurb/Bookwright app, then I downloaded the pdf and reassembled in Photoshop.
I’ve used my designs created in week 2 for this assignment. I sketched out the images then the were digitaly painted in Photoshop using a hand painted look. Also my lookbook went over more pages than I could upload to the gallery so I’ve condensed the last 3 onto one page.

Moonfolk – A Mini Collection by Sandra Edith
My chosen trends were Moonshine // Eccentric Folk and my category was Tribal. I had in mind that the designs might look nice on stationary especially Planners – tip ins or dividers and little notepads etc.
I loved creating a Lookbook. It’s my first and I’d love some feedback on where I need to improve. I went with just a story, to create a magical idea for the reader, then a planner scene mock up at the end for suggested usage. It’s very minimal and essentially a set of icons with some pattern coordinates.

A few questions –
Should I be adding my contact details at the back?
Is it a good idea to describe my creative process somewhere also?

I need to go back and finish assignment 3 now…. creating a lookbook just couldn’t wait!! : )


Author: Sandra Relf


  • Wow this is an amazing collection. I love all your icons. Great interpretation of the trends.

  • Ulla Soeder says:

    Hi Sandra, wow this looks great! Yes, I would definitely add contact details, so anybody who is interested in your work can contact you, and also to have it make sure that you are the author…
    Not sure about the creative process also, I think I would leave that out maybe.

  • So fantastic Sandra! I love that you created a ‘magical idea’ for your Lookbook reader/client and that helped you with your page layouts. I really think your characters/icons are developed so well to fit the trends and the color palette is very striking! You should be very pleased with yourself about this collection 🙂 Definitely include all your contact details and maybe the creative process is better for a newsletter or blog where you include regular highlights of your process.

  • sabina says:

    I think you did great here! I like the colors of this collection and the overall presentation in the lookbook.

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