Sarah Evans

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  • August 18, 2015

Before I started the Foundation course I hadn’t even picked up a pencil in years, so I was quite scared to get started. The course does everything in small stages so I was able to wean myself into it slowly. I found the classes to be extremely informative and there are a lot of resources and links to further your knowledge if needed. I finished the course with my first clipart set based on the theme ‘Tea and Cake’ and a wealth of new skills. I have a better understanding of colour and the main skill I learnt is how to use Illustrator. It took a while to get used to but it is now my new favourite program.
I am excited to start the trends class and create lots of new and exciting clipart sets.

Sabina is a brilliant teacher. I was unsure whether to do this class and found myself looking through these reviews at other students work and feeling overwhelmed at the talent and creative people. All I can say is “go for it” and you may just surprise yourself and create something beautiful you can be proud of.

Artist: Sarah Evans

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