Have you been eyeing our classes for some time but you can not afford the full class fee? To answer your many requests we have a new giveaway system (previously only once per year). Every 3 months one scholarship will be awarded in our Giveaway. The scholarship covers 70% of the Foundation Class fee.


1. Sign Up in the widget with your name and email (your email will not be shared with a third party; you will never receive spam from us).
2. Share, sign up for the newsletter, follow the steps. The steps are optional.
3. Each activity adds one more count for you and increases your chances to win.
4. The winner is drawn randomly each three months, however a review of your portfolio will weight into the final decision of awarding the scholarship. You will be informed per email if you win.

Scholarships Awarded

Winner of our latest giveaway:

Monica Bolderson

Previous Winners:

Annika Starmer