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  • June 23, 2018

I tried submitting assignment 1 earlier today, but it still hasn’t shown up in the gallery (I got a confirmation that it had been submitted). I’m trying again here, with fewer images this time. Apologies for any duplicates in case it works, and fingers crossed! πŸ™‚


This is my assignment 1: cover image + 3 patterns.

Trends and influences:

Jungle Blue + Opulent Safari + Surreal Garden. I was inspired by the colours in the first trend, the animals in the second one, and the surrealism in the third one.

Artists that inspire me:

-Lisa Congdon for her clean and colourful Scandinavian-influenced art. I love how her work has an edge and energy to it.

-Lillian Farag for her whimsical, joyful and abstract designs. I love her use of colour, textures and shapes.

-Henri Rosseau for his surrealist, imaginative and dreamlike jungles and landscapes. I love his lush, dense jungles and use of colour.

Other influences: Art Deco + Mid-century design.

Personal style: I feel like I’m too new to design to have a style yet, but I really enjoy exploring and experimenting to see where it takes me. This has been a great exercise and it’s given me lots to think about.

What I found challenging: Mixing the trends and keeping it balanced, and colours are always a challenge. I was also a bit overwhelmed by trying to mix all my various influences into one design, but I’m sure it will get easier with time πŸ™‚


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