Stefanie Wolf

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  • October 14, 2015

Quite a time ago I read about Sabina’s workshops on a blog. From then on I surfed her website about her workshops every now and then, until this summer I decided now to give it a try right away.
I haven’t been drawing for ages and never used Illustrator before when I started the course.
But that was OK. Sabina’s workshop really takes you through the whole process from getting started, to finally sell your clip art. The assignments are step-by-step instructions on your way. Sabina gives you very helpful feedback on your work. This does not only include critique, but also concrete ideas what to change and links where you might find further support. As a good teacher she also emphasises what she likes about your work and motivates you.
I enjoyed the class very much! And I am very glad I dared to take it, because when I saw all the students’ clip arts in the gallery I tought that the designers must all be people who studied art.
If you are interessted in designing unique hand-drawn clip arts that differ from all these standard clip art things, do not hestitate to take the course. The 90 days in the self-paced module where enough time, even for a totally beginner like me, who runs several webshops and has four little children.
I am now infected with a Design Garden fever and am looking forward so much to the Picture Book class which has just started;)

Artist: Stefanie Wolf