Tina-Devins-Hybrid-Folk-Christmas-Nordic-Minimalism-Assignment2- Coordinates

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  • December 18, 2017

I very quickly made some coordinates with the elements from the Christmas Card. Obviously they are not hero prints but I just wanted to make something quick with the little time I had.
I’m looking forward to refining these prints and creating a hero print with the other owls that I’ve drawn.


Author: dreamingonastar

One Comment

  • niseemade says:

    Hello again! Yes these are fun coordinates, but unfortunately nothing about them says holidays to me. Which is interesting, because the card really nailed it! It’s not a bad thing, it’s just interesting how you can take apart the icons and it becomes something totally different. In this case, maybe you need to include more elements to make the collection seem like a holiday one. I’m not quite sure if it would be as simple as changing the colors (like the tree shape to have green triangles?) or to include some holiday elements. Even your hand lettering might be helpful here.

    However, they are beautiful patterns – I do love that owl!

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