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Webinars / Live Q&A/ Weekly Chat

All my classes, have some form of live sessions online. The webinars are live online lectures where we video chat and talk about the material. The Self Study classes have monthly live Q&A sessions. Weekly live chat during Office hours is also available. The live interaction keeps my students on track and ensures personal connection.



All of the classes have one-on-one feedback on assignments . Feedback consists of critique and advise what can be improved. Specific suggestions for further steps are given. This attention is what my students value most. The classes are project oriented and result in ready products or designs.


Learning Materials

High quality learning materials and video tutorials. Step by step explanation how to complete tasks makes it easy even for inexperienced students to follow. Wealth of resources, downloads and reference links complements the lectures.

Great community of supportive peers. Post your work in the private group, get feedback and encouragement. Meet students from around the world.
Forum to ask technical questions. Quick response by your tutor and fellow students.

Email Prompts to keep you on track. Email feedback by your tutor.

Bonus content is included in all classes. Fun and motivating element of earning points and badges by working actively in the class – submit assignments, comment on work, read the materials – all these activities earn points which unlock bonus content. Usualy bonus content is not part of the curriculum. You can complete the class without it, but I have packed some great video tutorials and downloads as bonus that I think you will enjoy.

Webinar Classes

These are online classes that take place in a webinar room. A webinar consists of live presentation and Q&A afterwards. Video, audio and chat make these lectures very interactive.

The lectures are recorded and available on this website afterwards, together with resources and downloads. Students who missed the live class can watch the recordings and follow the class.

Self Study & Self Paced

The Self Study and Self Paced Classes cover the same material as the webinar classes. There are pre-recorded lectures available on the website, downloads, references. Live Q&A sessions take place every month where we can catch up with video chat and discuss the materials.

Lectures are paced for Self Study – which means each new module is released after some time (5-7 days) to give direction of the study process. The benefit of not releasing all materials at once is that students can focus on each module and not get overwhelmed. Self Paced students get all materials at once but are still directed by the tutor to follow the program and assignments.

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