Trends Class 2016 – Student Work and Reviews

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  • March 21, 2016

The live Trends Workshop 2016 was an inspiring experience both for the students and for me. I was impressed with the work of the graduates, who take this class now every year. We had some great newcomers too.

Catharina England, who created some stunning work, wrote a very detailed feedback. I am including excerpts of her review below:

dark-romance-stationeryCatharina England Review

My personal experience: I had the most extraordinary experience of the workshop! Last time I took part in this workshop, I’d just completed your Foundation Course, and I think my thoughts were still very much on clipart. This time was different; I think I was more open. As you know, I’m a commercial artist, and illustrator and designer. I feel that as a commercial artist, and as the years go by, it’s easy to become a bit of a visual “people pleaser”. Always, naturally, wanting to please clients and buyers. The Trends Workshop became a way for me to put my own creative voice, more strongly, back into my commercial work! My creative experience was dreamlike!!!!!!! I feel that your technique for mixing is perfect for me. It’s fertile creative grounds. My experience was so fabulous that I have trouble putting words on it!!!! Something really happened for me, something moved within, and yet it was there all the time, I rediscovered myself in a way… And expanded, grew…

The workshop:

Palettes: It was tremendously helpful that the gorgeous colour palettes were available in ai and jpg format.

Presentation of trends: Great! Super inspiring! Last year there were a few more suggestions to help you get going in the Trend Workbook, that would be helpful next year.
LOVE the bonus material.

Case Studies: I think the trend artwork you’ve created and use as branding and examples within the workshop is absolutely gorgeous! I’d love to see it bigger and more in detail!!! Your artwork is so lovely and this time, I thought it was edgier too, and incredibly inspiring!!!!
Your case studies are really inspiring, interesting, informative and helpful! I’d love to see more! Thank you so much!

Influences (Focus and Explore): This was a fantastic new feature! I felt it really helped me develop my work further!

Well Sabina, again, the 2016 Trend Workshop has been an extraordinary experience for me! Thank you so very much for creating this amazing resource for artists!

Catharina England

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