Winter Birds collection

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  • December 08, 2017

I used the trend updated classic, with Anthropologie and design house greetings in mind. I’m trying to incorporate targeting my chosen clients initially, but this is hard for me in the early project stages. Any tips on handling this would be welcomed.


Author: Rachael Schafer


  • These are gorgeous! I absolutely love the soft feminine palette, and feel that it’s a nice alternative to more traditional holiday color palettes. Your hand lettered Love and Joy ad too amazing too!

    Also, I’m definitely intrigued by the collaging in the bottom image– specifically the burlap and stitching and the gold (which in a way looks like a real cookie with frosting on top?!) If all these images are a “set” I’m wondering if the others should have some collaging too? (Although I think the others are just perfect without it!) Just curious your thought process on the collage for one but not all.

  • Rachael Schafer says:

    Hi Betsey! I was thinking of this piece with the collaging as a potential greeting card or wall art piece, and the others as wrapping paper or party paper-ware. So, the collaging works for the wall piece and the card, but not so much for the paper repeats. Maybe I’ll do a repeat that does incorporate my embroidery and collage though, that coordinates with the single bird wall piece, though…

  • Love the texture in the top grouping and that tossed repeat is perfection. I do think the eyes of the birds are a little too centered and maybe you could play with either more eye contact between the two birds, or offsetting the pupils a bit more. Great group of images and very marketable!

  • Love your color palette, and the textures. Very sweet designs.

  • sabina says:

    I think your hand painted designs are more suitable for Anthropologie. The 12 weeks of Christmas that you started earlier is just up their alley and something I can imagine in their line of products.

    This is more Minted style. You can rework the color scheme to have more contrast and more unique feel. I have seen such blue and pink too many times. Although on Minted these colors are often used. Maybe different shades of blue and some green for a more captivating palette. example:

    Your drawings are very good as usual!

    • Rachael Schafer says:

      Thank you Sabina…yes I need to get back to my 12 days project. It wasn’t coming together as easily as I wanted it to but I think it will with some more focus and time. I’ll try these ina few more palettes. Thank you for the suggestion.

  • May I ask how you add the texture?

    • Rachael Schafer says:

      I scanned in some of my embroidery work and played around with that. The other textures I add in photoshop. I’d love to do more textures in ai but my computer hates it when I do that. I’ve seen some people do some incredible vector texture work though, I’d love to know how this is accomplished.

  • niseemade says:

    Really amazing stuff Rachael! I am just going to add the birds eye contact on the top should be them looking at each other and pecking, not looking at us. And the blue of the bird blends in a lot with the background, I would up the contrast to make him stand out a tiny bit more. You have so much to work with and I love the patterns, very sweet collection. Although, like Sabina mentioned it doesn’t feel as much for Anthropologie as it would seem more like for a modern greeting card company. Your hand lettering is amazing as are the textures and unique elements you incorporated!

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